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Seton Hall University and Securities Operations Forum (SOF) are jointly offering a series of eLearning courses that can be taken for college credit by matriculating and non-matriculating students.

Take these eLearning courses and get college credit at Seton Hall University:



US Securities Industry Basics (with book)


US Regulation and Compliance


Ethical & Professional Standards

US Corporate Actions Introduction


US Corporate Actions Processing

US Custody Processing


US Brokerage Processing

US Investment Management Processing

US Instruments Equity


US Instruments Fixed Income

US Mutual Funds Introduction

This list of courses is being expanded. In addition to the courses currently available, several more will become available throughout 2004 and 2005. US Securities Industry Basics is a pre-requisite for all SOF eLearning courses.

All courses are self-directed and can be started at anytime throughout the semester; however the final online test for each course should be taken prior to the commencement of finals week for each semester.

The cost of the courses is included in Seton Hall undergraduate or graduate tuition.

To get started:

Matriculating Students:
Current Seton Hall Students can enroll in SOF eLearning courses for credit towards their degrees by signing up for Directed Research courses. Registration for the Directed Research courses is at the discretion of the Finance and Legal Studies Department Chair. Interested students should contact Professor Tony Loviscek.

Non-Matriculating Students:
Non-matriculating students can sign up for Directed Research courses at Seton Hall. To begin with US Securities Industry Basics (which is a pre-requisite for all SOF eLearning courses), register for BFIN 4298. This is the 2 credit Directed Research course. To register for other SOF courses identify the number of credit hours for the course and then register for the Directed Research course with the appropriate credit hours:

BFIN 4297 1 hour credit
BFIN 4298 2 hour credit
BFIN 4299 3 hour credit

After registering for the Directed Research course, SOF will send the student a password to access the course online.

Not currently a Seton Hall student:
If you are not currently a Seton Hall student and are interested in obtaining college credit from Seton Hall for taking these courses, you must first apply to Seton Hall through the regular admission procedures either as a matriculating or non-matriculating student.