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Course List
Introduction to the Securities Industry
Introduction to the Securities Industry
Introduction to U.S. Securities Processing
Securities Lending and Borrowing : An Operations Perspective
Foundations of Investment Management and Buyside Operations
Dealing with Change in the Financial Markets
Collateral Management: An Operations Perspective
International Issues
International Securities Operations
International Portfolio Accounting
Foreign Currency: Markets, Clearance, Settlement & Accounting
Foreign Exchange: Lifecycle of a Trade
Corporate Actions
U.S. Domestic Corporate Actions
Global Corporate Actions
Capital Markets
Capital Markets Overview
Capital Market Economics - Investigating the Linkages Between the Real Economy and the Financial Markets
Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management
Securities Analysis
Managing Risk
Risk in a Global Market - Management and Operational Challenges Looking Forward
Financial Management
Financial Accounting and Financial Mathematics
Financial Statement Analysis
Fixed Income Securities
Bond Math: Mathematics of the Fixed Income Market
Structured Securities: MBS, ABS, CDOs
Introduction to Fixed Income Products
Accounting for Fixed Income Securities and Derivatives
Mortgage-Backed Securities
Collateralized Debt Obligations and Credit Default Swaps (CDOs and CDS)
Fixed Income Analytics
Interest Rate Swaps and Credit Default Swaps
Fixed Income Securities Trade Processing and Operations
Accounting, Regulatory & Management
Stock Brokerage Accounting & Securities Regulations
Introduction to Private Equity Markets
Trading After the Volcker Rule
Dodd-Frank for Non-US Derivatives Users
Complying with the MiFID II/MAR Rules
Introduction to Derivative Products
Derivatives: Markets, Operations, Accounting & Control
Derivative Products: Risk Management and Valuation
Option Valuation and Trading
Equity Derivatives: Futures and Swaps
Interest Rate Futures and Swaps
Introduction to Options: Products, Trading & Processing
Swaps Processing and Operations
Commodity Futures: Energy, Metals and Agricultural
Equity Options: Strategies, Accounting and Operations
Mutual Funds
Introduction to Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund Operations

Course Description
Dealing with Change in the Financial Markets
Available Dates:
There are no dates available.
Course Code: 117
Duration: 1 day
Level: Basic
Fee: $795.00
CPE Credits: 6
Prerequisite: No Prerequisite Required.

This one-day course provides a scientific methodology for dealing with the rapid changes occurring throughout the global financial markets.

For most market participants, conditions across all markets have never changed as fast as they are now. Scientists have been studying change in the natural world for at least 150 years, and they have come to a consensus on several topics. We will apply much of what they have learned to the financial markets. We will cover several market sectors in detail: asset management, clearing, research and market-making.

How you will benefit:

  • You will learn a scientific approach to change in the financial markets
  • You will be able to apply that approach to changes in:
    • Asset Management
    • Clearing
    • Research
    • Market-Making
  • You will have the tools to deal with change in other market segments
Delegate challenges/Your solutions:
  • For most market participants, conditions across all markets have never changed as fast as they are now. The answer lies in taking a scientific approach to market change.
  • Asset managers, FCMs and broker/dealers are all dealing with several interconnected forces. We will analyze those forces and how to both deal with them and use them.
  • Algos are a new and powerful force in the markets. We will examine the various forms of algos and how they interact.
Topics Covered Include:
  • Surviving in Changing Markets
  • Understanding the Science of Change
  • Applying that Science to the Financial Markets
  • Examining the Long Term and Short Term Forces
  • Implications of the Confluence
  • Change in the Asset Management Business
  • Change in the Clearing Business
  • Change in the Research Business
  • Change in the Market-Making Business
  • The Impact of Algos
  • Dealing with Market Change - Basic Rules