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SIP Credential  
Program Description
SIP Online Application
SIP Credential Requirements
SIP Test-Out Option
SIP Program Fees
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SIP E-Courses  

For descriptions of these courses and additional eLearning courses offered by SOF, click on the courses below or go to the eLearning page.
SIP Level I
  US Corporate Actions Introduction
  US Securities Industry Basics
  US Corporate Actions Types
  US Brokerage Processing
  US Custody Processing
  Ethical and Professional Standards
SIP Level II
  US Corporate Actions Processing
SIP Level I
  US Instruments - Equities
  US Instruments - Fixed Income
  US Investment Management Processing
SIP Level II
  US Mutual Funds Introduction
  Foreign Currency Processing
  International Regulations and Standards
  International Markets and Instruments
  International Securities Processing
  Internet and Technology
SIP Level II
  US Listed Equity Options
  US Instruments - Structured Securities
  US Margin Lending and Processing
SIP Level I
  US Regulators and Legislation
  US Trading
SIP Level II
  Global Custody Processing
  US Corporate Actions Information
  International Securities Participants
  Operations Risk and Compliance
  Introduction to US Trust
  US Instruments - Derivatives
  US Mutual Fund Processing
  US Securities Lending
  US Instruments - Credit Derivatives

Securities Industry Professional (SIP) Credential

ISITC and Securities Operations Forum partnered to develop and deliver a complete credential program for operations professionals interested in advancing their careers in the securities industry. The program covers the knowledge base essential for professional success in the securities industry while stressing the importance of cross-functional competency.

Securities Operations Forum

The program offers the candidate:

Comprehensive education for operations professionals
Formal recognition by the Securities Industry

Program format:

A series of required eLearning (online) courses with quizzes and a test for each course
Final Exams covering all of the material presented in the Level taken after the completion of the courses in each Level
Continuing Education credits to maintain the credential

SIP Levels:

There are three levels in the SIP Program. Each level builds upon the information presented in previous levels. The focus of Level I is domestic processing; Level II integrates international concepts; and Level III completes the material with more advanced topics such as Derivatives Processing. Upon successful completion of Level III, the student will be awarded the SIP Credential.

Application Process:

  1. Before applying for the SIP Credential Program, please review the SIP Credential Requirements to decide whether you will begin the program with Level I or if you are qualified to test out of some/all Levels.

    There are two options:
    •  Regular Admission for all courses
    •  Test-Out Option (Explained below)

  2. Please complete the SIP Online Application.

  3. Please send your signed print-out of Part VII and Part VIII, resume and all required recommendations to:
        SIP Credential Program
        Securities Operations Forum
        30 Broad Street, 14th Floor
        New York, NY 10004

  4. Upon receipt of your complete Application materials, your application will be reviewed. You will be notified of your status within ten business days.

  5. Program Fees for the Level with which you will begin, or any examination fees, are due when you have been accepted to the Program and before registering for the individual courses or exams.

Test-Out Option:

If you have experience in some of the areas that are covered in SIP Level I, II or III, you may be eligible for the Test-Out Option for a Level.

The Test-Out Option allows you to select only the courses that you want to take, and only pay for the courses you take. Every thing else is the same:

All of the requirements for admission are the same.
The Final Exams for each Level are the same as the exams taken by students in the regular admission.
The certification is the same.
The Continuing Education requirements are the same.

As you complete the application process you will be asked to select the courses that you want to take.