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Straight Through Processing for Financial Services Firms
edited by Hal McIntyre
Software Testing for Financial Services Firms
by Hal McIntyre, Megan Johnson, Deborah Fortuna
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Straight Through Processing for Financial Services Firms


  • George Bollenbacher, President, G. M. Bollenbacher
  • Simon Cleary, Head of Securities Markets & Business Solutions, SWIFT
  • Ignace R. Combes, Deputy CEO, Euroclear Bank
  • Robert M. Curtis, Director of Product, CSS Q Middle
  • Lee Cutrone, Managing Director of Industry Relations, Omgeo
  • Genevy Dimitrion, VP, State Street Bank
  • Craig S. Dudsak, Director Relationship Management Americas, Clearstream
  • David Flinders, Head of Securities and Derivatives, City Networks Limited
  • James T. Leman, Co-Chairman US Business Practices Committee (FIX Americas)
  • Hal McIntyre, Managing Partner, The Summit Group
  • Tom McMackin, CEO & Partner, Open Information Systems
  • Peter Patch, Director of Market Research, The Summit Group
  • Gert Raeves, Business Development Director, HelioGraph
  • Joe Rosen, Managing Director, Trading Technology, NYSE
  • Ken Scheinblum, CEO of ii Solutions, LLC
  • Frederick Stanley, Executive Vice President, Evare LLC
  • Scott E. Vey, Chief Architect, SunGard Asset Management Systems
  • Larry Wentz, Managing Partner of Wentz Consulting LLC

ISBN: 0-9669178-5-5
Publisher: The Summit Group Press
Pages: 283
Pub Date: 2004
Price: $59.95

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