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About Securities Operations Forum

Over the last few years, the need to streamline processes and keep pace with the rapidly evolving technology that is needed to make operations more efficient has become increasingly important to financial services firms. Because of this, the role of the operations professional has begun to require a broader understanding of the securities industry and technology.

Securities Operations Forum has recognized the need to keep you, the operations professionals, informed on new trends, emerging technology and developments in the industry that will help keep your firm up-to-date whether you are on the buy-side, sell-side, or involved in supporting the industry.

How? Securities Operations Forum provides:

  • Training classes geared towards operations professionals, taught by operations veterans. Join over 3,000 participants annually in our open enrollment or custom training classes.
  • Conferences and Workshops that explore the details of key issues facing the securities industry.
  • Certifications and credentials designed to help you progress in the field of operations.

Use SOF as a resource to supplement your knowledge and increase your versatility in the operations field.


Securities Operations Forum is a division of The Summit Group, a management and systems integration consulting company with a twenty-year history of success in assisting clients that include many of the top firms in the financial industry. TSG's projects have included domestic and international activities in all segments of the securities processing industry.

With a unique ability to support business managers by quickly identifying effective solutions to complex business problems and opportunities, The Summit Group is adept at selecting and using the most efficient technology to implement these solutions.



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